Planning permission and appeals

The majority of building projects involve the need to obtain planning permission to determine if the proposal meets with the local planning policies and to ensure it harmonises with the character of the area. Johnson Designs work on cases throughout Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex. The requirement for planning permission varies depending on your location and situation, for example if you are in a conservation area or a listed building.

Listed below are the steps we take to process an application for planning:

• Carry out a land and building measurement and photographic survey and integrate the information into the project design
• Prepare, when required by the local authority, a detailed design access and energy statement to accompany the planning application to clarify the design principles and concepts of the project and how it relates to sustainability and the environment
• Prepare detailed drawings of the proposal, showing roof and floor plans and elevations
• Prepare site layout plans
• If required, liaise with consultants with a regard to the environment, highways, trees, energy and so on, and include their findings into the planning application
• Prepare all the local authority forms and documentation
• Submit the application and liaise with the planning officer

In the unlikely event of a planning application being refused, Johnson Designs can fully prepare and process a planning appeal on your behalf. This procedure involves an in-depth study and interpretation of local planning policy which will highlight any issues and will assist in the preparation of an appeal statement. We pride ourselves on our appeal success rate and we would be happy to discuss the process and the details of previous cases.

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